SAI ERSTE Asset Management SA

Asset management company, dual system of administration

Aviatorilor Bvd, No 92

Bucharest 1, Romania

J40/17060/07.10.2008; CUI RO24566377

Authorized by NSC with the Decision no 98/21.01.2001; registered with NSC Public Registry with number PJR05SAIR/400028

Share capital 6.000.000 RON

Number General Registry ANSPDCP: 0017716

Phone: +40 372 269 999
Fax:      +40 372 870 995
The Board  of Directors
Supervisory Board of the Investment Company ERSTE Asset Management SA

Mr. Heinz BEDNAR, President of Supervisory Board

Mr. Andrew GERBER – Co-chairman of the Supervisory Board

Mr. Winfried BUCHBAUER– member of the Supervisory Board

Ms. Maria-Magdalena SANDULESCU – member of the Supervisory Board


Management of the Investment Company ERSTE Asset Management SA
Mr. Dragos Neacsu, President/CEO
Ms. Valentina Berevoianu, CFO
Mr. A.J.A. Janmaat, Member of Management Board
Legal & Compliance: Alina Pica
SAI ERSTE Asset Management SA Romania shareholders:

ERSTE Asset Management GmbH holds 99.99996% of the company's share capital

ERSTE Bank Beteiligungen GmbH holds 0.00003% of the company's share capital.


Erste Asset Management

Company Headquarters and Mailing Address:

A-1100 Vienna, Am Belvedere 1

Tel: +43 (0)50 100 19881

Fax: +43 (0)50 100 917102




Registration court: Commercial Court Vienna

Commercial Register Number: FN 102018b

Based in: political district Vienna

VAT-ID (UID): ATU 15355700

DVR-Number: 0468703

Bank code: 76263

Business purpose:

- Management of investment funds in accordance with the Austrian Investment Fund Act of 2011 as amended credit institution in accordance with sect. 1 no.13 Austrian Banking Act (investment business).

- Investment advisory services in connection with financial instruments (sect. 3 para. 2 no.1 Austrian Securities Supervision Act 2007),

- Portfolio management on the basis of the management of portfolios for individual clients (sect. 3 para. 2 no.2 Austrian Securities Supervision Act 2007

Financial Markets Authority:
Finanzmarktaufsicht (FMA)

Securities Supervision
Otto-Wagner-Platz 5
A-1090 Vienna



Austrian Economic Chambers Banking Sector


Executive Directors:



Christian SCHÖN


Supervisory Board:


Thomas SCHAUFLER (vice-chairman)
Thomas PÖLL (member)
Herbert STEINDORFER (member)
Franz KISSER (member)


State Commissioner:






January 2016



As member of VÖIG (Vereinigung Österreichischer Investmentgesellschaften; Association of Austrian Investment Companies) Erste Asset Management GmbH is subject to the Code of Conduct of the Austrian Investment Fund Industry of 2012


Basic content of the website:

- Presentation of the Erste Asset Management funds and the der Erste Asset Management GmbH investment group

- Information and detailed links on the financial products (especially the investment funds), services, and other applications provided by Erste Asset Management GmbH and ERSTE Group

-Information on investment funds, securities, capital markets, and investing


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January 2016


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This is an advertisement. 

Previous performance of the Fund is not a guarantee of future results! Please read the prospectus and the key investor document (KID) provided in art. 98 of G.E.O. no. 32/2012 before investing in fund! The Prospectus and the key investor document (KID) are available in Romanian and English language on and may be obtained from the agencies/units pertaining to the Romanian Commercial Bank and from the premises of SAI Erste Asset Management S.A.

SAI ERSTE Asset Management SA, authorized by NSC with the Decision no 98/21.01.2009, registered with FSA Public Registry with number PJR05SAIR/400028, Number General Registry ANSPDCP: 0017716, Phone: 0372.269.999; Fax: 0372.870.995;; email: 

Depository: BCR SA

All data for ESPA funds distributed in Romania is sourced from ERSTE-SPARINVEST Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H., Erste Asset Management GmbH, RINGTURM Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. and ERSTE Immobilien Kapitalanlagegesellschaft m.b.H. unless indicated otherwise. Our languages of communication are German and English. The fund prospectus (including any amendments) was published in Amtsblatt zur Wiener Zeitung in accordance with the provisions of InvFG 2011 in the currently amended versions and is available free of charge together with the key investor document (KID) at the domicile of the Management Company and at the head office of the custodian bank. The exact date of the most recent publication, the languages in which the key investor document is available and any additional locations where the documents can be obtained can be viewed on the web site of the respective management company, in particular

This document serves as additional information for our investors and is based on the knowledge of the staff responsible for preparing it at the time of preparation. Our analyses and conclusions are general in nature and do not take into account the individual needs of our investors in terms of earnings, taxation and risk appetite. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of the future performance of a fund. Please note that investments in securities entail risks in addition to the opportunities presented here. The value of shares and their earnings can rise and fall. Changes in exchange rates can also have a positive or negative effect on the value of an investment. For this reason, you may receive less than your originally invested amount when you redeem your shares. Persons who are interested in purchasing shares in investment funds are advised to read the current fund prospectus(es), especially the risk notices it or they contain, before making an investment decision.

Please consult the corresponding information in the prospectus for restrictions on the sale of fund shares to American citizens. Misprints and errors excepted.

DISCLAIMER FOR THE SALE of non-US funds to US investors

Limitations on Sale

The shares issued for this Investment Fund may only be publicly offered or sold in countries in which such a public offer or sale is permitted. Therefore, unless the Management Company or representatives of the Management Company have filed an application with the local supervisory authorities and permission has been granted by the local supervisory authorities, and as long as no such application has been filed or no such permission granted by the supervisory authorities, this prospectus does not represent an offer to buy investment shares.

The shares have not been and will not be registered pursuant to the 1933 United States Securities Act as amended (hereinafter the "Securities Act of 1933") or pursuant to the securities regulations of a state or other public entity of the United States of America or its territories, possessions or other areas subject to its sovereignty, including the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (hereinafter collectively designated as the "United States").

The shares may not be publicly offered, sold, or otherwise transferred in the United States. The shares are being offered and sold on the basis of an exemption from registration pursuant to Regulation S of the Securities Act of 1933. The Management Company and the Investment Fund have not been and will not be registered pursuant to the 1940 United States Investment Company Act as amended, or pursuant to any other US federal laws. Therefore, the shares will not be publicly offered or sold in the United States or to or for the account of US citizens (in the sense of the definition for the purposes of US federal laws governing securities, goods, and taxes, including Regulation S of the United States Securities Act of 1933 – hereinafter collectively referred to as "US citizens"). Subsequent transfers of shares to the United States or to US citizens are prohibited.

The shares have not been admitted for sale or public offering by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (hereinafter designated as the "SEC") or any other supervisory authority in the United States, and no application for admittance for sale or public offering has been rejected by the SEC or any other supervisory authority in the United States; furthermore, neither the SEC nor any other supervisory authority in the United States has released an opinion on the correctness and appropriateness of this prospectus or the advantages of the fund shares. The United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission has neither examined nor approved this document or any other sales documents for the Management Company or the Investment Fund.

No party is authorised to provide information or make assurances that are not contained in the prospectus or in the documents referred to in the prospectus. These documents are available to the public at the domicile of the Management Company.

This prospectus may not be circulated in the United States.

Investors who are Restricted Persons pursuant to US Regulation No. 2790 of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD 2790) must immediately report any investments in funds from the Management Company.